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This website is the official website of the Tutrakan Municipality within the meaning of Article 10, paragraph 3 of the Law on e-governance. When using this site, please keep in mind the following:

Content on the website

The content of the information resources located on this site are in accordance with the requirements of current legislation in Bulgaria. If discrepancies, obsolescence, falsehood or unlawful information is found to be published, please let us know immediately. The information on the page from legal point of view is not legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. Damages occurred as a result of undertaken legal or factual actions only on the basis of information located on this website are entirely at the expense of the individuals undertaking the actions.

Responsibility for foreign content

Tutrakan Municipality is not responsible for the legality, completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the content of information resources of third parties to which electronic links from this site may indicate, or the legality of the activities of these third parties. If electronic links to resources with outdated, incorrect or incomplete content or information resources, whose content is contrary to existing legislation, are established, please let us know immediately.


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Personal data

The personal data that is collected through this website, is processed by Tutrakan Municipality solely for the purposes of providing electronic public services in strict compliance with the requirements of the Law on e-governance and the Law on Protection of personal data. The collection and processing of personal data for any other purposes shall be made voluntarily and only after expressed consent of the forwarding party, in compliance with the Law on Protection of personal data.